Today is a day
when I don’t feel enough.
Work today was a waste,
by days end the headache had settled in,
and I hardly even enjoyed the dinner,
which stewed in the slow cooker all day.

The kids went through their routines.
I let it happen without much thought
to the preciousness of time.

Today didn’t feel precious.
It felt ordinary,
like practical shoes, or
a scratchy sweatshirt
that you only keep because
it bears the name of a beautiful place
you once went.

Nichole M. Dulin

Octopus Growls

I just learned, todayoctopus
while perched on a stool
for enough time to pass
for enough fun
before I could soap down, rinse, and dry
a smiling toddler
Today I learned that an octopus growls.
Today the yellow fish is,
a green fish.

she is too small to fly.
she needs wings,
like a butterfly.

while I’m impatiently waiting for tub to drain.

Nichole M. Dulin

Preschool Games


Are you younger than me?
I think you are.

Are you prettier than me?
I’m not sure.
Are you wearing makeup?
Are my kids prettier than yours?

Are you more tired than me?
You look tired. I’m also tired.
Are you wrinkled? Are your clothes?
Are your kid’s clothes?

Are you more organized than me?
Are you tougher than me?
Am I smarter than you?
Are my kids smarter than yours?
Are my kids taller than yours?
Are they older than yours?
Are they thinner than yours?
Are yours reading yet?


Nichole M. Dulin