Apocryphal Defenestration

Throw it all out I say.
Everything must go today.
This and that, that and this
Say goodbye with a kiss.

You don’t need it,
You never did,
To cling to things,
Is to be a kid.

There’s little you need,
But a roof and a bed,
Not bigger, not more,
Go live instead.

Nichole M. Dulin


Flashback Friday: another poem from the past


pearls dropping at my feet
piling up
accumulating in little lumps
they ping when they hit
the ground
freshwater pearls
they bump and shift when they roll
each perfect in its imperfection
different origin
different message
hidden in the shiny curves
i see myself
the shiny sparkle that covers
the truth
that bit
that horrid bit of sand
flayed the oyster’s flesh
and now is encased in a
pretty lie
dropped at my feet
as i stand
deep in the middle of
truth and lies

a bit of sand

the shimmering ground
lies all around
these horrid pearls
ruthless, horrid, lying pearls

Nichole M. Dulin