Sharon is there on the mat and she’s thinking that she might have left the car unlocked. And she’s thinking how strange her Ford looks out there in the parking lot with the Jettas and Priuses  and Subarus. She wonders what the plural of Prius is. Then she remembers that she’s supposed to be centering, so she calls herself back to the mat.

Sharon thinks that this studio is nice and she should tell her mother about it. She could bring her mother out here the next time she visits. Planning activities for her mother help keep away the questions down. But her mother was just here, and she only really flies out once a year. Then she thinks she should really call her mother, because it’s been a while  since  they talked, but then she remembers that she’s  supposed to be centered, so she calls herself back to the mat.

The class changes postures and Sharon is thinking that lavender smells nice. She should use more lavender. She should get some fresh lavender and put it in bowls. No not fresh lavender; dried lavender. What does fresh lavender even look like? But bowls of dried lavender? The cat might get into that. Is lavender poisonous? For cats? She should try to remember to Google that later. Google lavender. Google lavender.  She should put the lavender into rice bags. She could sew them in different sizes, for eye masks and heat packs. And then she thinks how good it is that she went all this time without thinking about Natalie. Except now the charm is broken and she is thinking about Natalie. Sharon thinks about how Natalie’s calves curve against the pillow she keeps between her knees when she’s sleeping. She thinks about how she balls up the sheet in her fist. Instead of lavender she smells Natalie’s eucalyptus and tea tree shampoo. She calls herself back to the mat.

The class changes postures and Sharon thinks, “I should definitely come here more. I should make time for myself.” She could probably swing coming here four times a week. But not on Mondays, because she has a late meeting. She wonders if the meeting will be canceled this week, because Dave is out on vacation. Sharon would like to take some time off. She could fly home for Thanksgiving. It’s been a few years. Natalie went with her last time. Then she congratulates herself for succeeding in not thinking about Natalie for a few minutes. But, of course now she is again and how Natalie looked so angry when she was leaving. So Sharon calls herself back to the mat.

The instructor tells the class to inhale awareness. Sharon takes deep belly breathes. The instructor counts off five. Sharon thinks, “I should remember to do this at home sometimes. It’s very relaxing. Natalie would like it. I should tell her about it.”


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